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Hiring interns

When it comes to hiring interns most people suddenly trust HR and their recommendations. Not me. In fact I trust HR as little as possible. Why? Latest example is: My own HR tried to hire me! and the bad thing is that the HR sits in FUCKING FRONT OF ME!!! Anyhow… lets move on…
The basic reason I don’t trust HR in the hiring process is because they don’t know is valuable in a candidate or not… Communication skills crap aside, HR can’t find people who posses what I most value when hiring interns: availability, minimum knowledge and WILL to learn.

Why? Internship is the place to learn how something is done in the real world. In order to learn something new you need time, because studying and observing takes time. Minimum knowledge because if you can’t read, im sorry you’re as good as…. better not say it, but resuming, your useless. Will because not always things will go as you wanted, you will get frustrated, maybe even angry and you might even question yourself. If you really want this, you find a way to cope with all that and overcome everything. All for the sublime feeling that is seeing a computer doing exactly what you expected, and trust me this feeling is GREAT!

The thing about hiring interns is that they are usually worried about getting the college degree and stuff like that… in Brazil there are very few things more undervalued that a bachelor degree in computer science. Dont get me wrong, the knowledge is highly appreciated but the degree itself not. The trick is to find the enlighten one that comprehend that the college will not prepare them for the real world and fish them out before someone else does. When someone one can see that what happens in real life will force, and focus you, into studying something that college will only give it a quick brush something magical happens: They get on board of the success train. Some might fall out along of the way. The family traditionally can’t appreciate the value of real world experience when it comes to education, and that is a big pressure to handle. Combined with the WILL to learn and overcome you have a golden boy.

My real trick is not only find this guy, but also teach him. Today im working in a new prospect: I found a guy highly interested in learning how to program, and he has a major in Graphic Design! He’s on the first year of computer science. He’s a blank stylish book. Can you imagine the possibilities?