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Why integers are lousy primary keys

When I was a noob (about 2 years ago) I took a freelance gig to develop a simple system for a small shop. Very basic stuff. Few weeks ago the owner called me saying that he was very happy but he was facing a problem… You see, his business grew and he now has 3 shops, all of them using my system, and he wants to consolidate on one database. Well, as you can imagine I only managed to accomplish this by replacing the primary keys. They were all integers, now they’re GUIDs. The reason? Integers clash very easily!  Read more of this post


Welcome to Daange

Logo Daange

It’s with great please that I would like to introduce Daange.

Daange is all about events and people. It’s primary focus is to be a simple and easy to understand/operate enviroment for event scheduling, sharing and searching.

This is a colaboration between Leandro Faria and me. This is the 0.1 version, wich means, it’s the very first public beta.

We would like very much to hear back from everyone and see you guys there!