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Well I must say that I always enjoyed interviewing candidates, and there’s quite some time that i don’t do it. I like it so much because everytime I open that interview door I see the chance to meet someone that will impress me (and it’s sad to say that some don’t even try) even though they rarely do. 

They always go like “In 2005 I did X, in 07 I implemented Y and in 2011 we shipped our internal portal”, they all did something nice, what most of them cannot provide is a demo… All they did either is inside NASA’s intranet (or other places I can’t reach) or require me to buy a software for 100 bucks or subscribe for a 20$ montlhy-fee… Give me a break! Job Atendents Y U no have portfolio?!?

For a very long time i’ve been thinking about mine and now im publishing mine to the web. I’ll publish it on the Azure cloud (seems logic since most of what I do is web development on ASP.NET) and I’ll provide source code and of course, a page to demonstrate the code running. As long as desktop apps, I’ll provide source code and a installer (or executable). The only thing I’ve yet to figure out is about iOS-OSX apps…

Anyhow, this is only a small announcement and soon I’ll bring more updates about this endeavor, like the URL…


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