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About starting this blog

If you actually look, this blog was created on may/2011 but, until march/2012 nothing relevant was posted. Back then i wasnt commited and had no idea how hard it is to create and evolve actual textual ideas… im very good at this in a code level, but a text level i actually suck. i find it very hard to carry somthing to the very end.

I have one of those minds that are completaly obssessed about somthing or is ignoring it completally. Something like:on-offMy big problem here is that i switch very fast between obssessions… A week ago i was obssessed with the possibility of developing applications for Azure. A week before that i was thinking about a physics engine, and before that i was looking into developing a CUDA application… Point is: i have a real hard time focusing. This is why I need a job. A job kinda forces me into following something to the end. I really love discovering new stuff but i really think i need help in that area.

So when i came to start this blog i did because a good friend had started his, and i kinda like to write stuff… i enjoy teaching, and making presentations and most of all i love discussions. I love discussions so much that I often play the “devils advocate” part just to inflame the other part. Not as a troll would. I do it in a healthy way… i think so at least. So, for a week, or less, i really wrote stuff and edited and did the whoel 12 steps, and then schrodinger cat died (lol) and i forgot the blog… i forgot that i owned it…

About a week ago i read about how having a blog might help people that are hiring you discover more about you. So i decided to start writing again. But im being very real here… not soft corners… no more hiding (pls dont comment with “get out of the closet” jokes… its just idiot kind of jokes…)! And i actually fell good about this…

Im not doing this for comments, or popularity or to sell adds… or profit directaly from the blog (if someone wants to hire me because they see something in the blog, im not going to say no…). Im doing this because I want, because somehow i fell that the internet really gets me…HEHEHEHEHEE


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