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My first serious blog post ever… No kidding…

I’ve never posted nothing really serious on a blog… in my early years i had a “funny pics and jokes from the web” blog. It was a fun blog (at least my 5th grade classmates thought so…) but it had no original content… at the time i really didnt care about that, as long as Julia (my 5th grade sweetheart) kept commenting “how funny was that picture of a cat falling from the roof”… ahhh but things have changed since then… well… i still like lolcats but… i think you get what i mean… Still… today im a 23 years old Computer Science undergrad, already employed, with no girlfriend (at least not a stable one).
Some say im a relatively successful guy, others that im a geek… i relate to the second group… Im not a no-social-skills geek… im actually very social adaptable… i think theres only one group i dont think im cappable of “fitting in”: the “religious fanatics and preachers group”… for the record i do belive in the idea of “God”… i do belive that he exists… and i belive he created the big-bang and then “pushed the thing downhill” and now only watches… i go by House’s “If you talk to god, your religious. If god talks to you, your psychotic”. Back to social skills i consider myselft a geek because i truly rather discuss science, tech and philosophy related topics than sports, fashion & weather… but i need other girls to be happy i end up discussing them anyway… dispite that whenever possible i really stretch my “interestings” topics…
Enough rambling… As my first post in this blog i really would like to say, that dispite the fact that i live in Brazil, and never been to a english talking country, the primary language here will be english so i can reach a broader public range and, as some of you may notice, some sentences may “sound” a little unconventional, and thats because im optmizing so the google’s translation engine can translate “better”, for that i apologize. I also have no intention whatsoever to earn any kind of money with this blog… i didnt even set a donation page. If you want to contribute with money i ask you to donate it to science projects, i think that in the social projects theres alot of misappropriation, if you want to contribute with your time, pls refer to GitHub!
To finish i would like to thank you for being here and for your critics… im not going to say that theyre always helpfull, because some people just want to see the world burn, but i always appreciate feedback.


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